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Tam bir kalite teminatı sağlamak amacıyla, Warmup ürünleri Avrupa uyumlu ve CE damgalı olup, piyasadaki diğer üreticilere kıyasla çok daha fazla sayıda kurumun onayına sahiptir.

Ürün Akreditasyonları

Ürün akreditasyonlarımız: BEAB, cUL, CSA, FIMKO, ETL ve UL. Ayrıca BEAMA ve TTA üyesiyiz ve BSI ISO 9001 sertifikasına sahibiz.

BEAMA is a leading industry body for the electrotechnical industry for the UK and across Europe. Warmup’s membership in this independent expert knowledge base and forum demonstrates that we are a responsible underfloor heating supplier.

TTA, The Tile Association, represents the wall and tile industry in the UK. We are part of this association to show that we are a reputable floor heating brand with a genuine interest in providing the best possible products and service to the market.

BEAB Onaylı

Intertek BEAB Approved Mark

BEAB Onaylı

The BEAB Approved Mark from Intertek is a European Safety Mark used by leading electrical manufacturers to support CE Marking and demonstrates compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

A BEAB Approved Mark is an accreditation of that our products’ safety has been verified by Intertek and the product has been manufactured in an inspected factory using accepted methods and that Intertek has tested and assessed our products.

All Warmup thermostats hold BEAB approvals as do our Heating Mat and Foil Heater. This means that our products can be trusted to operate well and efficiently year after year and be safe in use.

BEAB Mat Approval Certificate

BEAB Foil Heater Approval Certificate

BEAB 4ie, 3iE and Tempo Thermostat Approval Certificate


BEAB Component Approved Mark


The BEAB Component Approved Mark is an electrical safety mark which means that our products have been assessed by the UK’s leading independent approvals specialists, BEAB to the highest European and International standards.

Warmup Loose Wire & ProWire electric floor heating systems hold the BEAB Component Approved Mark, meaning that these products fulfill the highest safety standards and can be trusted to be safe in use.

BEAB Loose Wire & ProWire Approval

BEAB Onaylı Fabrika

BEAB Factory Approved Mark

BEAB Onaylı Fabrika

The BEAB Factory Approved Mark demonstrates that BEAB have confirmed that the factory meets the strictest manufacturing and safety standards, which have to be continuously maintained to retain this approval. Warmup products can hence be trusted to be manufactured to a high quality and safety standards, giving complete assurance in our products.

BEAB Factory Approval


CSA / CSAus Marks


The CSA mark on our products means that a sample of our products has been certified to applicable standards. These include the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CSA Group (CSA), NSF International (NSF) and other North American and global organisations.

CSA Approval


UL / cUL Marks


UL Standards are used to assess products, components, materials and performance.

Warmup roof and gutter snow-melt systems and de-icing cable bear the UL Mark.  You can trust our heaters to work season after season thanks to this independent accreditation.

De-icing and Snow-melting Equipment
Industrial and Commercial Pipe-heating Cable
Mobile/Manufactured Home Pipe-heating Cable
Radiant Heating Equipment
Radiant Heating Equipment Certified for Canada
Temperature-indicating and -Regulating Equipment
Temperature-indicating and -Regulating Equipment Certified for Canada




FIMKO accreditation is designed to help and support manufacturers to manage quality of their products and operations.

Warmup roof and gutter snow-melt systems and self-regulating de-icing cable carry the FIMKO mark. This means that you can rely on our outdoor heating range to work year after year, giving you a safe and convenient outdoor heating solution.

FIMKO Frost Protection Cable Approval Certificate

FIMKO Snowmelt Cable Approval Certificate

FIMKO Asphalt Snowmelt Cable Approval Certificate

FIMKO Self-Regulating Cable Approval Certificate

ETL Interek

ETL Approved Mark

ETL Interek

The ETL Mark from Intertek is a North America Safety Mark which means that products bearing this mark have been tested and meets the requirements of prescribed product safety standards for North America.

Warmup roof and gutter snow-melt systems and de-icing cable bear the ETL Mark.  This means that you can rely on our outdoor heating range to work year after year, giving you a safe and convenient outdoor heating solution.

ETL Approval

ISO 9001

BSI ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Warmup is certified by BSI to ISO 9001: 2015, the latest version of the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management systems. ISO 9001: 2015 details the requirements for quality management systems that are based on the following principles; strong customer focus using a process approach to support the operation, involvement of top management using a risk-based approach to decision making, and continual improvement.

This certificate confirms that we operate and maintain rigorous quality management processes for the design, development and delivery of our systems. Following these processes result in efficiency in delivering solutions to our customers globally.

ISO Certificate 9001


RIBA Accredited CPD Provider

Warmup is an accredited member of RIBA CPD Providers Network. The RIBA CPD programme has been designed for architects and other construction professional to develop and maintain their key skills and competencies.

Warmup offers a RIBA accredited CPD seminar, The “Introduction to Underfloor Heating” which considers everything you need to know to stay up-to-date on the latest systems, technologies & best practices.


CIBSE Accredited CPD Provider


Warmup is an accredited member of CIBSE CPD Course Providers. CIBSE is a professional membership body with over 21,000 members in 100 Countries worldwide.

Warmup’s CPD titled “How to specify underfloor heating” keeps you up to date with the latest technical information you need to know about the growing underfloor heating market.

CIBSE CPD certificate

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