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MyHeating App

To get the most out of your 4iE or 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat download Warmup’s MyHeating app for your smartphone. MyHeating enables unique features such as SmartGeo™, energy usage and running cost data, thermostat personalisation and remote heating control . Available on iOS, Android and with some functionality through your MyWarmup account on web browsers.
myheating app remote heating control from mobile phone

The Free MyHeating App Is Simple and Easy to Use

Communicating with your thermostat from wherever you are, the MyHeating app allows you to control your heating from your smartphone. Our built-in SmartGeo technology manages your heating system automatically and effortlessly – optimising your energy consumption and giving you one less thing to worry about.

If you don’t want to use SmartGeo, you can still use the MyHeating app to easily program your thermostat. Warmup uses Natural Language Programming™ technology to make heating optimisation a smooth, intuitive process.

Natural Language Programming

Using familiar terms and phrases to understand the specific requirements for your heating program, Natural Language Programming speaks your language. For example “What time do you wake up?”

warmup heating controller iphone app

Two Ways to Control

MyHeating by Warmup for iOS and Android
The free MyHeating app works with iOS and Android Smartphones to give you access to SmartGeo and for quick control of your system.

my.warmup.com for desktops, laptops and web browsers
Use my.warmup.com free with any desktop or mobile web browser to manage your account, control your heating, and view your energy usage.

How Does the MyHeating App Save You Money?

Warmup’s MyHeating app constantly communicates with your Smart Thermostat. Most people have their phones on them throughout the day, allowing the app to learn your routines with the location services built into your Smartphone (without tracking your exact location). After using your new Smart Thermostat for a few weeks, the MyHeating app will have a good understanding of when you leave and when you come home – and how frequently you dash in and out of the house too. It will use this knowledge to optimise your heating schedules and enable the most cost-efficient energy consumption solution for your requirements.

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Advanced Control

Our SmartGeo feature in the MyHeating app learns the heat-up and cool down rates of your home to automatically set the most efficient temperatures when you’re away, reducing usage by up to 25%


SmartGeo is a unique technology developed by Warmup and built into the MyHeating app that uses an advanced algorithm to understand the most efficient heat settings for your home. Working automatically; it learns your routines and location through background communication with your smartphone and lowers temperatures when you are away, only rising them up to your ideal comfort temperature in time for your arrival home. All without you having to set up any complicated programs.

SmartGeo is a much more advanced technology than other commonly used heating management software.

  • Unlike Occupancy Sensing Technology, which only alerts your heating system once you arrive home, SmartGeo warms your home gradually in time for your arrival.
  • Unlike Geo-Fencing Technology, which only alerts your heating system as you leave or enter its system boundary thereby causing significant energy wastage, SmartGeo accurately reads your location and controls your heating accordingly.

Combining location-based technology with routine-learning skills, SmartGeo optimises your heating, effortlessly and automatically. Never worry about your heating again.

Michael Hollins, Head of Warmup Smart
A smart thermostat is a thermostat that gets the temperature right, every time. That’s why we created SmartGeo.
Spencer Sheen, CTO Warmup Plc
SmartGeo works with the location services built into smartphones and uniquely, also learns your routines. So unlike other systems, your home is automatically warm at just the right times, and always comfortable when you get home, even if it’s unexpected. All this, and it’s running much more efficiently than other systems when you’re likely to be out for longer periods, like at work.

The Same Security as Online Banking

We take security seriously. Which is why our user data is protected to the same standard as used in online banking. This means that your information is encrypted to such an extent that it is unreadable. Our level of encryption is on-par with classified intelligence files.

Not only is your data secure, SmartGeo works without ever knowing your actual location – never tracking you through a GPS signal but instead calculating your approximate distance from home.


When used alongside one of Warmup’s Smart Thermostat’s and the MyHeating App, our AutoSwitch App can save you up to a combined £378 annually by automatically switching your energy supplier effortlessly, every year so that you never overpay for your energy usage again.

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